Interopérabilité des tableaux au format ODF…

Un article de fond qui montre bien comment les problèmes d’interopérabilité sont complexes. _us


et en résumé :


I’m glad to see this sort of public scrutiny of the details of ODF interoperability and how the underlying challenges are handled by various implementations.  As you can see, spreadsheet interoperability is a complicated topic, and in the specific case of ODF spreadsheets, there is even more complexity created by the lack of a defined formula syntax in any published version of ODF.

The good news, when it comes to formulas, is that the Open Formula specification will address this area soon.  My colleague Eric Patterson represents the Excel team in the Open Formula SC, and the very capable David Wheeler leads that group.  Much good work has been done already, and we look forward to seeing the final Open Formula spec go out for public review and then approval by OASIS.  The nearly 400 pages of formula syntax documentation in ISO/IEC  29500 (Part 1, section 18.17) enables reliable formula interoperability in the Open XML community, and soon the ODF community will have a similar level of formula interoperability.

But formulas are not the only ODF interoperability challenge.  As members of the ODF TC and also the OIC (ODF Interoperability and Conformance) TC, both Rob and I – and many others – will need to work together to enable better interoperability in areas including tracked changes, mail merge, application settings, and others.  Will ODF 1.2 be the most interoperable version of ODF yet?  I hope so, and there are signs that it will be.  But our work is not nearly done.

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