Highlights from the January 2009 SharePoint Tech Conference in San Francisco

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It's that time of year: SharePoint Conferences are in the air.  I'm pretty excited because there was finally a good conference in my neck of the woods for once, the SharePoint Technology Conference.  If you're on the East Coast or the recession hasn't destroyed your travel budget, they're having another one again in Boston in June - check out http://www.sptechcon.com/ for more details.  I also can't fail to mention that the folks who host this web site are putting on their second annual SharePoint .ORG conference in Baltimore in March, which is aimed especially at non-profits and associations: http://www.SharePointConference.ORG.  I attended this last year, but sadly won't be able to travel East for round two.  Interestingly, I think I saw SusQTech's Sean Bordner originally slotted to host a session at the SPTech Con in SF, but something must have pulled him away.  Too bad, but you can catch him at the SharePoint .ORG conference


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