SQL Server 2008 & AdventureWorksDW BDC Demo

How to access SQL Server 2008 data directly with SharePoint ? Here is a sample demo :

After installing MOSS 2007 on Visual Studio 2008, I wanted to see if I could get the BDC working against the new version of the AdventureWorksDW database for SQL Server 2008. 

I used the AdventureWorks2005.xml application definition file that ships with the MOSS 2007 SDK to create a connection to the SQL Server 2008 AdventureWorksDW database.  BDC’s can be very temperamental at times, so I was expecting some hiccups along the way.  As it turns out it, it was pretty painless and worked without a hitch. 

The full article is here : SQL Server 2008 - AdventureWorksDW BDC Demo us

AdventureWorksDW BDC Web Part Demo Page

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