From TechNet Script Center : Retrieving Hyperlinks from a Word Document

 One of the…joys…of working at a place like Microsoft is that you get plenty of opportunities to brush up on your reading; hardly a day goes by without you being asked to read a white paper, a spec, a proposal, a draft chapter…. As you might expect, any time you read that many things you’re bound to encounter a clunker or two; in fact, there have been several occasions when we said to ourselves, “Well, the paper isn’t very good, but there sure are a lot of useful references scattered throughout it. If only there was a way to extract the hyperlinks and discard the rest of the document.”

But, unfortunately, there’s no way to – what’s that? You say that the Microsoft Word object model includes something called the Hyperlinks collection, a collection that contains all the hyperlinks found in the document? You say that we could write a script that extracts all these hyperlinks? You say that we could then take these hyperlinks and add them to our Internet Explorer Favorites or save them as an HTML page?

Wow. Wish we’d thought of that.

The following is there : 

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