How to install Office 2010 with a MAK key and have it perform an automatic activation attempt after install (Part Deux)

In a previous Office Deployment Support Team Blog post, we explained how to automatically activate Office 2010 by using a customized config.xml file and setting element/property, AUTO_ACTIVATE. This blog post will expand on that a bit and explain how to perform the same actions using an MSP file created with the Office Customization Tool (OCT). NOTE: Adding…

Volume License editions of Visio 2010 install Premium edition by default

  KMS host key = This key is obtained from the VLSC. This is the key that you would use during the install of the KMS host when setting up a Office 2010 KMS server KMS Client Key = This is a generic key that is hardcoded into all of the Office 2010 client products….


When attempting to install Office 2010 from a precached source the following error occurs: “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system”

  This error can occur when attempting to upgrade from Office 2007 to Office 2010 and you are installing Office 2010 from the MSOCache. To reproduce this behavior:  Install Office 2007. Then use the following procedure to deploy the local installation source before you plan to install Office 2010. (Precache) To deploy the local installation…


Office 2007 – Deploying Additional Languages

Today we will discuss the various methods available to deploy additional languages for Office 2007. Key  ———- MLP = Multi Language Pack LP = Language Pack When talking about adding additional languages to Office 2007 there are two topics to discuss. 1. Deploying Office 2007 with additional languages included. (During Office 2007 install) 2. Deploying…


How to chain additional addins, or programs when deploying Office 2007. Chaining getting started tabs in this example.

We often have customers that want to add additional programs or addins with the Office 2007 installation. Often they will try to use the Office Customization tool to perform this function. Unfortunately the OCT function,  “add installations and run programs”, is not very good at running more than a single additional addin or program. Here…