How big was this month’s Office ProPlus update?

Office 365 updates are designed to be very network bandwidth friendly. There is Binary Delta Compression that occurs so long as the machines are staying current and Office has built in throttles to prevent every machine from trying to update at the same time. However, IT admins will sometimes still need to monitor the size of the monthly updates very closely. Here is how to determine how large the update for Office ProPlus will be:

Step 1.
Download Process Monitor from the Windows Sysinternals collection here:

Step 2.
When you launch Process Monitor the filter menu may auto load but if not, click on Filter > filter to open the filter menu. In here Exclude the following Event Classes:

  • Registry
  • File System
  • Process

And only include the “OfficeClicktoRun.exe” Process Name. Your filter should look something like this:


Step 3.

Start Process Monitor and launch the manual update process by clicking “Update Now” in the File > Account menu of any Office Click-to-Run app. We will see the updates downloading and data filling in the Procmon log.

downloading office

Step 4.

Once the update finishes, stop the Procmon trace and then check for the network traffic summary by going to Tools > Network Summary.


In my example I was on the July version of Deferred Channel – 16.0.6741.2056 and then updated to the August version – 16.0.6741.2063. As we can see, this update is 167,829,264 bytes, or roughly 167 MB of data.

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