Office 365 ProPlus User Activations Management

Office 365 ProPlus User Activations Management
(Authored by Shubham Gupta, Program Manager)

User Management Admin and Global Admin roles can now view and manage users’ O365 ProPlus Desktop Installations.

When a user is unable to install office, most likely because they have exhausted their allowed installs; the user would call the IT Admins to help troubleshoot the issue. IT Admins would then help the user to get to the portal page and deactivate office from a computer that is no longer in use.

With User Activations Management feature, IT Admins can now view and manage PCs/Macs the user has Office Apps installed on.


To manage a user’s O365 ProPlus desktop installs, go to:

1. On the O365 Admin Center and select Active Users.

2. Select the user for whom you want to manage desktop installs.

3. In the fly out page on the right you will see a new setting: Office Installations. Click on “Edit”.

4. The following page will list the devices the user has installed Office apps on.

5. Click on the “Deactivate” link to deactivate Office from the computer

6. Deactivating the install will free up the number of available installs allowing the user to activate office on a new PC/Mac.

Important Notes:

  • The computer names are obfuscated to the IT Admins in order to comply with privacy requirements of certain countries.
  • Once an Office install is deactivated, office apps may enter into reduced-functionality mode and function more like viewers.
  • Deactivating a device doesn’t remove the app from the device. If the user wants to keep using the app on a device you have deactivated, they can reactivate it the next time they open the app.
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  2. Jeff Frank says:

    Will we be able to manage this through PowerShell cmdlets?

  3. Andrew Zimmer says:

    Any PowerShell command-lets yet?

  4. Jeff/Andrew,

    There is no support to manage through PowerShell cmdlets currently.

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