Improved output from the Ospp.vbs script available for KMS activation issues

A few weeks ago the following update containing a great improvement to the Ospp.vbs script was released:

2883036  August 12, 2014 update for Office 2013 KMS activation component

So, the next time you are troubleshooting a KMS activation issue and run the Ospp.vbs script, please note the addition of two items to the output:

  • A ‘notice’ advising you that a KB article is available for the error code generated by the script
  • A URL to the section of article 2870357 that is bookmarked specifically for the error code

These items can be seen in the following figure:

In the above example, the URL takes you to the details targeting the 0xC004F038 error:

Prior to this update, you would have to manually search for content related to the 0xC004F038 error and then navigate your way through all the hits on this error to look for your solution. After this update is installed you only need to copy the URL from the Ospp.vbs output, paste it into your browser and then follow the directions provided in the article (for that error).


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