New Application Selection feature offered with the May 2014 update of Office 2013 Click-to-Run


The May 2014 update of the Office Deployment Tool  along with the May 2014 update of Office 2013 Click-to-Run (Build 15.0.4615.1001) offers administrators the ability to customize the installation to select which application to not install.

Note: Versions of Office Deployment Tool and Office 2013 Click-to-Run prior to May 2014 do not support Application Selection.

More Information:

The configuration.xml file provided with the Office Deployment Tool supports a new ExcludeApp element.  This element can be set to an application name to keep that application from installing.  A sample snippet of the configuration.xml file would be as follows:

<Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">
      <Language ID="en-us" />
      <ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
      <ExcludeApp ID="Outlook" />

A complete list of application names and IDs is as follows:

Application Name Application ID
Access <ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
Excel <ExcludeApp ID="Excel" />
InfoPath <ExcludeApp ID="InfoPath" />
Lync <ExcludeApp ID="Lync" />
OneDrive for Business <ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
OneNote <ExcludeApp ID="OneNote" />
Outlook <ExcludeApp ID="Outlook" />
PowerPoint <ExcludeApp ID="PowerPoint" />
Project <ExcludeApp ID="Project" />
Publisher <ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />
SharePoint Designer <ExcludeApp ID="SharePointDesigner" />
Visio <ExcludeApp ID="Visio" />

<ExcludeApp ID="Word" />














Once the configuration.xml file has been created with this element added, you can run the command-line:

<path>\setup.exe /configure <path>\<name of the configuration file>.xml

This will install Office 2013 Click-to-Run without the application(s) added to the ExcludeApp element.  If an application needs to be added back, you can edit the configuration.xml to remove the ExcludeApp ID entry for that application and rerun the command-line listed above.

Note: An Online Repair of Office 2013 Click-to-Run will install all the applications on the system, overriding the settings made in the configuration.xml file.


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