Lync 2013 and OneDrive for Business are not installed when installing Office 2013 with Service Pack 1

Update 4/28/14: A new version of the Office Customization Tool (OCT) has been released as part of the Office 2013 Administrative Templates to address this issue.  You can download the OCT from  Once downloaded double-click the executable to extract the contents which includes the Admin folder.  Copy this folder over the existing \Admin folder in your Office source.

Create an MSP file to deploy Office 2013 w/ Service Pack 1 using the newly downloaded OCT.  If you want to use an existing MSP file you will need to Import the existing MSP file into the newly downloaded OCT and then save the MSP file.  Not importing an existing MSP file may cause the OCT to fail.


After installing either Office Professional Plus 2013 or Lync 2013 with Service Pack 1 from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) with a customized MSP file using the Office Customization Tool (OCT), Lync and OneDrive for Business may not get installed.


1. Use the Updates folder on the original RTM release and the publically available Service Pack 1 MSP files:

For further information on using the Updates folder to install Office updates, refer to the following Microsoft article: Deploying software updates with an initial Office 2013 installation

2. Use the config.xml file to add Lync and OneDrive post install of Office 2013.  To accomplish this, edit the config.xml file to have the following:

<Configuration Product="ProPlus">

               <Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" />
               <OptionState Id="GrooveFiles2" State="local" Children="force" />
               <OptionState Id="LyncCoreFiles" State="local" Children="force" />


Note - this issue also applies to Excel Add-ins Power Map and PowerPivot.  If there is a need to install these add-ins you can do so by adding the following to the config.xml file:

               <OptionState Id="ExcelAddInPowerMapFiles" State="local" Children="force" />
               <OptionState Id="ExcelAddInPowerPivotFiles" State="local" Children="force" />

Once the install of Office 2013 with SP1 has completed, run the following command-line:

<path>\setup.exe /config <path>\config.xml

For further information on using the Config.xml file in Office 2013, refer to the following Microsoft Article: Config.xml file reference for Office 2013

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  1. georgewillow,
    I am curious if when creating the new MSP did you make any edits to the “Set features installation states” section of the OCT? If not, please try to make a simple change to this section, such as, setting OneDrive for Business to Run all from my computer and see if this new MSP helps.

  2. FYI, this issue can also occur when installing the standalone version of Lync 2013, and updating the custom MSP with the latest version of the OCT resolved the problem.

    • Reviewing a SetupExe*.log from a repro will reveal excerpts similar to the following:

    2015/01/08 15:47:44:066::[1940] Command line: setup.exe
    2015/01/08 15:47:44:066::[1940] No command line arguments given

    2015/01/08 15:47:46:406::[1940] Applicable patch: X:updatesCustom.MSP

    2015/01/08 15:49:43:399::[4640] Catalyst Package Install…
    2015/01/08 15:49:43:399::[4640] Package: LyncWW
    2015/01/08 15:49:43:399::[4640] File: C:MSOCacheAll Users{90150000-012C-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}-CLyncWW.msi

    2015/01/08 15:49:43:399::[4640] Command Line: PATCH="X:updatesCustom.MSP" ADDLOCAL=C.EA994353.6C5D.4897.87CF.11EB297AC610,InternationalSupportFiles_ArialUni,SetLanguageFiles,ProofingParent,dummy_MSCOMCTL_PIA,ProductFiles_B2TR,TCWorks7Files,SubscriptionHeartbeat,NonC2R_ProductFiles,Office10Fix1,Lync_CoreFiles,ProductFiles,OfficeAppSupport,AlwaysInstalled,OfficeCoreRDC,VSTO,ProductNonBootFiles,TextConverters,WxpFiles,OSetupController,VBAFiles,ClviewFiles,SetupControllerFiles,dummy_Office_PIA,MSSOAP3,OfficeDigitalSFiles,SetupExeArpEntry,AceOdbc,WebDiscussFiles,Forms_PIA,SetupExeAddRegistry,Ace_PIA,GraphicsFiltersFile,FirstRunFiles,OfficeMSProof6,OArt_DocTheme,MsoCommonShellHandler,DocumentImagingUtils,OfficeOLESupport,TCDRegistration,Gimme_OnDemandData,VSTOCLR40,CARegistryFeature,OSpp,WixSwidTag,OfficeIntlRDC,OSpp_Core,InternationalSupportFiles_JPN,VSTOCLR35,MsoInstalledPackagesScoped,Lync_CoreDesktop…

    2015/01/08 15:51:19:010::[1940] Catalyst execution finished: 01/08/2015 15:51:19. Return code: 0.

    • Although the Lync installation completed with a non-zero return code, the MSP appears to be used, and Lync features are to be installed locally (Lync_CoreFiles and Lync_CoreDesktop), there is no mention of these features in the Final Option Tree.

  3. Billy,
    Can you provide the exact steps that you took and customizations you made to the MSP to reproduce the issue. I took the following steps and it worked fine for me:
    1. Downloaded a x86 copy of Office 2013 Pro Plus with SP1 ISO from VLSC
    2. Extracted the contents and deleted the “admin” folder
    3. Downloaded and extracted the copy of the new (dated 4/28/2014) OCT from the link
    4. Copied the resulting “admin” folder from step 3 to the Pro Plus source
    5. Launched the OCT by running setup.exe /admin
    6. In the “Set feature installation states” changed Visio Viewer to Run all from my computer
    7. Saved the MSP file to the Updates folder of the Pro Plus source
    8. Ran setup.exe and confirmed that Lync and One Drive for Business are installed

  4. Glad to help Billy. georgewillow, if you are still having the issue, please provide your repro steps.

  5. Anonymous says:

    After installing Office 2013 with Service Pack 1 from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) with

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. georgewillow says:

    I downloaded the updated OCT copied the new admin section over the old admin source folder, created a brand new MSP and it still doesn't install onedrive for business.

  8. Billy says:

    Same results as george for me. Tested the new OCT version with new msp files on both Lynch standalone and Professional Plus installations and Lync did not install for either.

  9. Billy says:

    JalalB, I am happy to report that setting the applicable installation states to 'Run from my computer' does successfully result in Lync installing for Lync standalone, and Lync and OneDrive installing with ProPlus. I did not test 'Run all from my computer' but I am sure that would work as well. More specifically, for Lync standalone, I set the installation state of 'Microsoft Lync' to 'Run from my computer; for ProPlus, I set the installation state of 'Microsoft Office' to 'Run from my computer'. These actions add the [F], force, to the applicable features. Thank you for your recommendation.

  10. Robban says:

    JalaIB, That helped me to! Thanx! //Robban

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