How to manage the First Run screens that appear when Microsoft Office 2013 applications are first launched


Microsoft Office 2013 shows the following screens when an application is launched for the first time:

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Both the Office Customization Tool (OCT) and Group Policy Management Editor provide a way to disable these First Run screens

Office Customization Tool (OCT)

Note: The OCT can only be used with Windows Installer based source files for Microsoft Office 2013.

STEP ONE: Using the OCT (setup.exe /admin), go to the Features section and select Modify user settings | Microsoft Office 2013 | First Run | Disable First Run Movie

STEP TWO: Set the Disable First Run Movie to Enabled

STEP THREE:Select the Disable First Run on application boot and set it to Enabled as well

STEP FOUR: Save the resulting MSP file and use it as part of the Microsoft Office 2013 deployment


Group Policy Management Editor

STEP ONE: If you have not already, download the Office 2013 Administrative Template files. These can be downloaded from

STEP TWO: Copy the ADMX files to %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions and the ADML files to the language specific folder (such as en-us) under %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions.

STEP THREE: Using the Group Policy Management Editor go to User Configuration | Policies | Administrative Templates: Policy definitions | Microsoft Office 2013 | First Run

STEP FOUR: Set the Disable First Run Movie to Enabled and the Disable Office First Run on application boot to Enabled


Note: If you would like to manage the Opt-in or First things first prompt, please see my other blog post.

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  1. I just downloaded the released build of Office 2013 ProPlus in Chinese Simplified from the Volume Licensing Service Center and ran the Setup.exe /admin and confirmed that it has the First Run option after Telemetry Dashboard.  Please download the version
    from…/home.aspx and try again.

  2. dvda2k says:

    I can't find the "first run" item under "Modify user settings | Microsoft Office 2013". The last item under "Modify user settings | Microsoft Office 2013" is the "Telemetry Dashboard".

    I'm on Office ProPlus 2013 Simplified Chinese with Windows 8.

  3. CorySeaman says:

    Your link to the other blog post on managing the "opt-in" or "first things first" prompt is broken.

    For any others who need that:…/how-to-manage-the-opt_2d00_in-or-first-things-first-prompt-when-microsoft-office-2013-applications-are-first-launched.aspx

  4. Thanks Cory.  The link has been updated.

  5. spartan3 says:

    good stuff, thanks for making this simple and easy to follow.

  6. ML49448 says:

    many many thanks. you've helped me.

  7. Liam says:

    Great help–many thanks!

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