How to setup Active Directory-Based Activation Host for Microsoft Office 2013


Active Directory-Based activation uses your existing Active Directory infrastructure to host activation for Microsoft Office 2013 Volume-Licensed (VL) clients, through their connection to the domain.


Both on the host as well as client side, the Active Directory-Based activation requires either a Windows 8 VL computer or a WindowsServer 2012 computer.  It uses the same GVLK/KMS host key (CSVLK) pair that KMS activation uses.  It also requires the installation of Microsoft Office 2013 Volume License Pack.


STEP 1: Download the Microsoft Office 2013 Volume License Pack from the Microsoft Download Center (MSDL) site.


STEP 2: Double-click the downloaded EXE to run it:


STEP 3: Once the EXE finishes running, you will see theVolume Activation Tools wizard pop-up:


STEP 4: On the next screen, choose Active Directory-Based Activation:


STEP 5: Next enter the KMS host (CSVLK) key and optionally give it a name:


STEP 6:Choose activation method, online or phone:


STEP 7: Activation Succeeded:


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