Multiple Exchange accounts created in Outlook 2010 with existing Outlook profiles after upgrading from an earlier Office version using a custom MSP


7/19/2011 UPDATE: This issue has been addressed in the Service Pack 1 (SP1) version of the Office Customization Tool (OCT).


To prevent multiple Exchange accounts from being created in one profile when you upgrade users to Outlook 2010, you must download and use the Service Pack 1 (SP1) version of the OCT, which is available at


To update the OCT, replace the /Admin folder that is in your Office 2010 installation files or installation image with the new /Admin folder that is included in the download package.


When using the Office Customization Tool (OCT) to create an MSP file for a customized installation of Office 2010, you may find that after installing Office 2010, users with existing Outlook profiles have multiple Exchange accounts configured instead of a single one that is desired.

The following screenshot depicts an example of this behavior:


To prevent this issue from occurring, use the following steps:


1) Use the Office 2010 Customization Tool (OCT) to open an existing MSP file, then:

a. Under the Outlook section, select the Export Settings option.

b. Click Export Profile Settings.
c. Save the .prf file to the local drive as Custom14.PRF or any other desired filename. This file will eventually be embedded in the MSP and copied to client machines during the installation of Office 2010.


2) Open the exported .prf file using Notepad and make the following changes:

a. Add the following line to the [General] section:



The following is an example of this change:


b. In the section that corresponds to the Microsoft Exchange Service (as shown in the [Server List] section), change the line with UniqueService=No to UniqueService=Yes.


Note: The Microsoft Exchange Service section is typically the [Service1] section.

The following is an example of this change:



c. Save and close the file (ensure that the .prf file extension is maintained).


3) Back in the OCT:

a. Click Outlook profile.
b. Select the Apply PRF option.

c. Click Browse and select the modified .prf file from step 1c above.

d. Save and close the MSP file.


4) Use the custom MSP file to deploy a customized installation of Office 2010.

NOTE: If Outlook/Exchange settings in the MSP file need to be edited in the future, the custom PRF file created to work around this issue must be copied to the same location as it was when originally imported into the OCT (i.e., C:\Custom14.PRF) on the machine that you’re running the Office Customization Tool on when modifying the MSP file.

The following screenshot depicts an error which will occur when editing an MSP on a machine where the custom PRF file does not exist in the location that it was originally imported into the MSP from:



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