How to deploy a patch using a startup script via GPO

  If we are going to deploy a patch using a startup script we want a script that will only install the patch if the patch is not already installed. In this walkthrough we are going to determine if the patch is already installed by having the script evaluate the following reg key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Patches\(COMPRESSED GUID)…


How to convert an Office GUID, or Office patch GUID to a compressed GUID.

  The following steps are taken to convert an Office GUID to its compressed counterpart: Here is the uncompressed GUID for Office 2003 Professional. {90110409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9} Here is compressed GUID for Office 2003 Professional. 9040110900063D11C8EF10054038389C Here are the steps demonstrating how to convert the uncompressed GUID to a compressed GUID. To convert this Office 2003 uncompressed…


Deploy Office 2007 via GPO startup script

  Occasionally we have customers that want to deploy Office 2007 via a GPO startup script. We have a technet article that discusses this process. Technet Article: Use Group Policy to assign computer startup scripts for 2007 Office I thought however it might be nice to create a live video that walks through the process….


How to deploy QAT toolbars in Office 2007

Issue: ========== How to deploy QAT toolbars in Office 2007. Resolution: ========== *Important Note* By default Office 2007 QAT files are stored Office folder that is in the “local” profile. In Windows Xp this location = "%userprofile%\local settings\application data\Microsoft\office In Vista\Windows 7 this location = %appdata%\local\Microsoft\Office When adding QAT files to the “add files” section…


Office 2007 – Deploying Additional Languages

Today we will discuss the various methods available to deploy additional languages for Office 2007. Key  ———- MLP = Multi Language Pack LP = Language Pack When talking about adding additional languages to Office 2007 there are two topics to discuss. 1. Deploying Office 2007 with additional languages included. (During Office 2007 install) 2. Deploying…


How to chain additional addins, or programs when deploying Office 2007. Chaining getting started tabs in this example.

We often have customers that want to add additional programs or addins with the Office 2007 installation. Often they will try to use the Office Customization tool to perform this function. Unfortunately the OCT function,  “add installations and run programs”, is not very good at running more than a single additional addin or program. Here…


Customize Office 2007 by using the Config.xml

If you are looking to customize Office 2007 you may be interested in using the config.xml for your customizations. Let’s break apart the config.xml and see what we can do with it. *note* this blog entry is a breakdown of this technet article. For more detailed information about any particular section check that article. Here…


-Office 2007 customized install walkthrough-

-Office 2007 customized deployment walkthrough- In this walkthrough we will create a custom Office 2007 source. We will customize our Office 2007 installation via the config.xml and the Office Customization wizard. Become familiar with the following acronyms, as they will be used throughout this walkthrough. OCT = Office Customization Tool  RTM = Original retail release…


How to uninstall Office 2007 SP2 using the 2007 Office SP Uninstall Tool

SP2 for Office 2007 is the first service pack for Office client that can be uninstalled. We have a great technical reference available on the Office 2007 Resource Kit (ORK) website that covers SP2 uninstall in detail here: This blurb from the ORK article above is worth mentioning here before we start the uninstall…