How to enable Office 365 ProPlus ULS logging

There are times during troubleshooting an Office issue when the traditional log settings are not gathering enough information. This could be for Sign-In issues, installation and patching issue, even App issues. To gather more verbose logging details, set the following registry keys. For Sign-in/Activation issues: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Logging] “EnableLogging”=dword:00000001 For installation or patching issues: reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ClickToRun\OverRide…


‘Update Now’ gone from Office backstage after build 1708 when configured to update through SCCM.

Starting on Version 1708 the ‘Update Now’ from the Office 365 Application backstage is no longer visible if the Office installation is also configured to receive updates through SCCM. This change was implemented so that Users cannot bypass administrative configuration settings around updating Office. Prior to Version 1708: At Version 1708 and greater you will…


“Sorry, there was a problem while trying to connect to your account with error code 0x15” – **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** Our investigation determined that a certificate was recently deployed to replace an expiring certificate; however, we failed to initiate a process to whitelist the new certificate. We’ve whitelisted the certificate to restore service but users may still have a token within their client which is associated with the previous certificate. To resolve the issue,…


How big was this month’s Office ProPlus update?

Office 365 updates are designed to be very network bandwidth friendly. There is Binary Delta Compression that occurs so long as the machines are staying current and Office has built in throttles to prevent every machine from trying to update at the same time. However, IT admins will sometimes still need to monitor the size…


Install/Update errors using the latest version of the Office Deployment Tool 16.0.7118.5775

Issue: After the recent release of the Office Deployment Tool version 16.0.7118.5775 users are seeing issues with installs/updates due to not having the data file come down with the source files download. Errors seen are 30029.1011 and a few other issues all stemming from the missing file. NOTE: Microsoft is aware of this…


Users are being offered “Get the new Office” business bar to upgrade to 2016

Issue: If your organization has not taken steps to prevent the upgrade, users will start seeing the following business bar in their Office applications:   Resolution: If you would like to stop receiving this business bar and block upgrades, please take the following steps: Follow these steps to prevent the upgrade On the systems that…


Rolling your Office 2013 ProPlus clients back to the March build due to Outlook and Skype for Business crashes

After you install the April 5, 2016, update for Outlook 2013 (KB3114941), you may experience random crashes of Microsoft Lync 2013 (Skype for Business) or Microsoft Outlook 2013, or both. This issue is outlined in detail here. The workaround is to roll your 2013 ProPlus users back to the March build – here are the…


Changes to monthly Public Updates schedule for MSI-based updates

Starting April, 2016, MSI-based non-security updates will be released on the first Tuesday of each month and MSI-based security updates will be released (as usual) on the second Tuesday of each month. For more details, please see the following blog post:  


Deploying Office 2016, 2013 or 2010 using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

This blog was submitted by Jeremy Chapman, director on the Office team Many organizations use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to deploy Windows with Office to new computers or when re-imaging computers. You can use the tools to deploy just applications, or as part of an operating system + application deployment. If you’ve been deploying…


Lync 2013 Shortcut Icon doesn’t change to Skype for Business after updating Lync to Skype for Business.

Issue: When customers install Office Professional Plus 2013 MSI or Lync 2013 MSI standalone and use the Office Customization Tool (OCT) to change the default Start Menu Shortcut path, after installing the April 2015 update for Office which transforms Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2013, the shortcut for Skype for Business will remain as…