Big Data Requires Big Bandwidth – more demos

I mean, big data requires big internet bandwidth to present.

Started in one of our own computer labs on Microsoft campus, since ODOS2011, we have been having great success with our ODOS presentations. Sometimes, I forgot how heavily dependent our live demos are on the internet connection. At the eSceince2012 last week, some of the presenters’ big data live demos didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped for due to limited internet bandwidth.

That reminded me that I should have a backup plan for my future live demos at, for example, the upcoming e-SciBioenergy School. Meanwhile, some of my demo materials can be already shared here, to asynchronously leverage the bandwidth of the internet resources in your offices or research labs.  

 Here is the information on the Netflix example both Andy Conrad and I referenced on at ODOS-Australia:

Here is the GeoSearch demo, a faceted geo-search experience enabled by Bing Maps, Windows Azure, and PivotViewer (created by Prof. Phil Yang’s team at George Mason University).

The stunning Puget Sound Flow Model demo, which was demonstrated at the eSceince2012 Adler Planetarium Reception, can be found here. You will need to install WorldWide Telescope (a free download) to see this demo. 

If you have any questions, please email us at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very informative. Love it. Make more big data users aware of ODOS.

  2. Anonymous says:

    very cool, and informative for eScience research

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