“The file may have been changed by another user since you last saved it.”


When saving an Excel file multiple times, user receives message "The file may have been changed by another user since you last saved it. In that case, what do you want to do? Save a Copy | Overwrite the changes".

Repro Steps:

- Sync a OneDrive library with the local OneDrive client
- Open any Excel file in Excel 2016
- Make any change and save (file saves successfully)
- Make another change to the same file and save


- Right click OneDrive in system tray
- Select Settings

- Click the Office tab

- Uncheck “Use Office 2016 to sync files that I open”

Note: If you turn off the Use Office 2016 to sync files that I have open setting, any changes that you and other people make to Office files will no longer merge together automatically. You will also no longer be able to share a document directly from the Office apps.

*Microsoft's Product Team is currently scheduled to have a fix by the end of October 2017.

Comments (2)
  1. Andreas says:

    Hi Kim.

    Currently one of our customers who is using a sharepoint solution to sync her files with cloud using office 365 and onedrive.
    It seems like she’s the only user who has been affected by this issue at her workplace but id like to get updates if theres a way to fix this problem.
    An estimated fix time would be appriciated and if i could get an email when there’s a better fix available it would have been great.
    Best regards
    Andreas from iTet

    1. Kim P - MSFT says:

      Hi Andreas,

      A fix is scheduled to out by the end of October.


      Kim P.

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