November 2017 Office 365 Update video, resources and transcript now available!

Welcome of the Office 365 update for November of 2017. This video covers topics including the Ignite conference, intelligent communications announcements, updates, LinkedIn integration, and more.

The transcript, including links to additional information on everything we cover, can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Office-365-Update-November-2017-Transcript.

As always, you can find the link to all the videos on YouTube video at


Comments (4)

  1. ms-evans says:

    the hyperlink doesn’t show on this page until I click the comment button. also you can’t comment until you are logged in. this is not very inclusive!

    1. Jim Naroski says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by the first issue about the hyperlink not showing. As far as the second issue goes, requiring email and name before posting wasn’t my intention, at least not at this time. I was able to turn off that requirement on the back-end. Hope that helps.

  2. DavidA2016 says:

    Is there any hope of Outlook 2016 properly supporting family calendars?

    1. Jim Naroski says:

      I have Outlook 2016 up pretty much all day every day so I’m also keen to see all the features supported on the web client also supported on the desktop client. The best way to provide feedback on features you’d like to see in Outlook is at

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