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  1. Ateekah says:

    How to Enable, View and Customize Reports using the new O365 Adoption Pack

    Building on the Usage Reports in the admin portal, we’ve built out greater visibility and analytics utilizing the rich reporting features of Power BI. The new Adoption Content Pack takes the deep usage and user level detail for Office 365 and presents sharable and editable views. Customers can slice and dice the data and create customer reports to realize consumption and ROI of the Office 365 service.

    After you assign a license to a user, this report lets you see monthly, how many users actively use the O365 products (SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype) you have assigned them and how many return the next month to use those products. Reviewing the Adoption pack reports and trends can help you identify where users need help getting started.

    1. Log into your SharePoint admin portal (https://portal.office.com/)

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