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This event has been cancelled in favour of 1:1 meetings with interested organisations.

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The Open Source & Windows Azure event in Wellington on November 27th will look at the role Windows Azure can play when you’re running open source. We have senior strategists, engineers, and evangelists flying down from Microsoft Corp. in Redmond, so this is your chance to learn more about Windows Azure’s open source capabilities from the world’s foremost experts. Hear the latest updates, ask questions, and get to know the team.


We are running two different sessions, for two different audiences. Think about who from your organisation would get value from attending each session. The morning session is based around our Strategy Keynote, and is aimed at IT Managers and decision makers from your organisation. The afternoon session is based around our Technical Keynote, and is aimed at technical audiences – including but not limited to IT professionals and software developers. After this technical keynote, attendees will be able to attend two of our four technical breakout sessions.




Agenda _


Morning Session for IT Managers (Register Now)

Microsoft has changed as a company and is becoming more open in the way that we work with and collaborate with others in the industry, in how we listen to customers, and in our approach to the cloud. We contribute to (and partner with) open source communities, and promote interoperability to make it easier and less costly for customers to develop and manage mixed IT environments. We actively participate in the standards setting process and support established and emerging standards in our products. In the cloud, we support key standards that provide the building blocks for open, interoperable cloud services, and we support developer choice of programming languages. We support data portability and believe customers own and control their data, no matter where it resides.

            10:00am        Registration

            10:30am        Strategy Keynote – Rob Craft

            12:00pm        Lunch



Afternoon Session for Software Developers & IT Professionals (Register Now)

Microsoft has made big investments to ensure that our public cloud platform is open and flexible, empowering teams to choose not just their programming language, but the framework, tools, operating system and architecture for their applications – whether they are building applications for the cloud, or moving applications to the cloud. Specifically, Windows Azure supports the development languages and frameworks you want to use – including .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js amongst others. We have enabled Linux to run first-class on our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, and you can develop for Windows Azure on your Windows, Apple and Linux machines.


            12:00pm        Lunch & Registration

            1:00pm          Technical Keynote – Rob Craft

            2:15pm          Breakout Sessions…



Breakout Sessions for Software Developers

Cloud platforms that enable multiple programming languages and runtimes and provide access to cloud resources through Web services facilitate the development of interoperable customer solutions. This approach also broadens the community of developers that write for a given cloud platform and therefore enhance the quality of services that the platform offers to customers. Windows Azure provides first-class support for a variety of programming languages, each of which can take full advantage of Windows Azure services.


                        Session #1 – Node.js on Azure – Mark Cowlishaw

                        Session #2 – PHP on Azure – Cory Fowler


Breakout Sessions for IT Professionals

Customers with existing investments in on-premises computing capacity typically will want those investments to co-exist with the cloud. They should have the option to choose to migrate some or all of their computing needs at their own pace. Windows Azure offers system integrators and developers a wide range of capabilities to ease migration and deployment of cloud services and applications. Existing applications running on Windows, CentOS, SUSE Linux, and Ubuntu can be migrated to Windows Azure virtual machines, and mixed mode applications (with resources on web/worker roles, virtual machines, and web sites) are also supported.


                        Session #1 – Linux on Azure – Thiago Almeida & Ryan CrawCour

                        Session #2 – Open Source Databases on Azure – Cory Fowler



Speakers _


Rob Craft

Senior Director, Platform Strategy Group – Microsoft Corp.

Rob is a 12 year veteran of Microsoft, joining the company at the end of the web bubble in 2000 after two fun startups. Initially focused on scalable application design in Windows, Rob moved on to become an Architect focused on helping customers and partners modernize and re-architect their applications on the latest technologies. He is passionate about the opportunity for companies to build amazing experiences on the Microsoft platform and was asked to lead the technology work with the top 200 ISVs worldwide for Microsoft. Doing deal negotiation and looking after execution of those deals occupied the next while, and then he was able to lead the initial Microsoft team focused on business development and technical efforts with key Cloud pure companies. Recently, Rob has returned to Redmond from Paris where he led the business operations for Microsoft International – all countries except US and Canada. This provided him with good perspective and customer feedback to his current role, where he is focused on the Microsoft strategy for delivering the best cloud platform in the world. He attended the United States Military Academy, and is a graduate of the Microsoft MBA program from the Kelly School of Business.


Cory Fowler

Windows Azure Technical Evangelist – Microsoft Corp.

Cory Fowler is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist focusing around PHP on Windows Azure. Before joining Microsoft Cory referred to himself as a Developer as a Service and was one of the inaugural members of the Windows Azure group of Microsoft MVPs. Cory takes great pride in being both Canadian and a Ginger. You can find Cory on twitter under the handle @SyntaxC4 or read up on Windows Azure and other insightful things on his blog


Mark Cowlishaw

Senior Engineer, Windows Azure Node.js Team – Microsoft Corp.

Mark is an engineer on the Windows Azure Node.js team. Mark’s team at Microsoft develops Open Source libraries and tools for hosting Node.js applications in Windows Azure, including the IIS HttpModule for Node.js (iisnode), the Node.js libraries for Azure services, the Node.js cross-platform command line deployment tool for Azure, and The Windows Azure PowerShell commandlets.


Ryan CrawCour

Windows Azure Incubation Technical Evangelist – Microsoft NZ

Ryan is an adventure sports enthusiast with a deep-set passion for IT. With over fifteen years' experience architecting, designing and implementing solutions on the Microsoft platform, Ryan has achieved a solid track record in all things distributed & connected. Ryan has been working with the Windows Azure Platform since its early days and has seen it grow and mature to be a serious offering in the exciting and evolving world of Cloud Computing. He now spends his time assisting others in their adoption of the platform.


Thiago Almeida

Windows Azure Technical Evangelist – Microsoft NZ

Thiago has over ten years of experience working as a solutions architect and technical leader with a proven track record in designing and delivering solutions in the Asia Pacific region. A native of Brazil, and a graduate of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Thiago now spends time helping Software startups and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with Microsoft technologies. When he’s not taking time off to return to his home country, Thiago spends time with his lovely wife Karla.




Fees _

This event is brought to you by Microsoft New Zealand, and is provided free of charge. However, delegates are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation.


Questions _

Feel free to email with any questions.




Although the events are free, places are strictly limited.






This event has been cancelled in favour of 1:1 meetings with interested organisations.

Please contact Thiago Almeida to request a meeting with our international speakers.

For more information about Microsoft and Open Source, make sure to check out this blog.






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