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We know that your time is short so the NZ TECHNET Flash Newsletters aims to provide you with relevant, topical IT Professional related updates from your local community and around the world. Each edition features an editorial piece produced by the NZ TECHNET Team where you will learn about free local Microsoft led training events including the UNPLUGGED series.

You have told us that it is a challenge keeping up with our technology so we have included a regular feature within the NZ TECHNET Flash which highlights interactive and free learning resources such as virtual labs, webcasts and e-learning material on existing and new technologies from Microsoft. Also, you will be able to learn about your local IT Professional community and organisations to ensure you stay in the know about what's new!

As part of our re-launch, subscribe to the NZ TECHNET Flash newsletter before the 25 June 2009 and get the chance to win a HP TouchSmart PC. In addition, one lucky subscriber will win a subscription of their choice (MSDN, TechNet or Expression) every month until the end of June. So subscribe today and be into win!

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