Text Suggestions In Windows 10

Anyone who has used a modern smartphone or tablet will be very familiar with the idea of “text suggestions” to speed up the input of text on a software keyboard. Whilst I personally don’t make regular use of this feature, it’s comforting to know it’s there if I should need it.   Of course, those…


Protect Critical Data With OneDrive & Known Folder Move (KFM)

Despite best intentions, people don’t always follow instructions. When it comes to saving files, we can all be somewhat guilty of saving to the Desktop or Documents folder when we’re in a hurry with the best intentions to move it into a cloud sync’ed folder structure “when we have time”. The reality is, for many…


Updated Documentation For M365 Education

I have done a lot of live demos over the last couple of months to customers, partners, school leaders and IT admins. I have found that one of the best ways to prepare for these is to ensure I’m following best practice direct from the source. In my case this is the official Microsoft Education documentation….


Microsoft Surface – Teacher Feedback

Technology is changing the way education professionals teach. It frees them from their desks and gives them new ways to engage students, energize the classroom, improve the learning experience and deliver results. In the above video, see how teachers from Kerikeri High School and Nelson College use the versatility and intuitiveness of Surface devices and…


Education Ideas To Support Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018 is fast approaching on May 17th and will the be the seventh year this day is celebrated. The focus is on an audience encouraging the design of technology (both software and hardware) that will be more accessible to every end user, including those with disabilities. To support this day, Microsoft…


Cloud Mobile Device Management Delivers For Schools & Partners

Through the use of cloud-first technologies and modern deployment methodologies Cyclone have supported Christchurch Girls’ High School through a significant device upgrade to Windows 10 over the Christmas 2017 break. This was achieved through using the full suite of services included in the Microsoft Schools Agreement with the Ministry of Education and driven greater efficiencies…


OneNote On Windows 10 – The One App For The Future

In December last year I wrote a blog entitled “The Future of OneNote in Education” where Mike Tholfsen walked through a lot of the features around accessibility being built into the OneNote Windows 10 app. This week, a new blog post has been written signposting the future of OneNote on Windows 10 more generally and…


Research: The Importance Of Digital Inking

I am excited to see that increasing numbers of schools are conducting research on the teaching and learning practices within their own schools and aligning that with external, peer reviewed research. My previous post reflecting on how leadership teams could pivot their focus and prioritize this type of analysis and strategic visioning goes into this…


Minecraft:Education Edition Webinar

Last month I recorded a 35minute webinar about Minecraft:Education Edition with my colleagues Anne Taylor (Teacher Engagement Manager) and Crispin Lockwood (Microsoft Learning Consultant). You can register and view the webinar here: VIEW WEBINAR HERE We deliberately started the webinar in a very simple way assuming the viewer knew nothing about Minecraft:Education Edition whatsoever and…


MakeCode.com – Fun With Minecraft:Education Edition

I’ve been doing a fair amount of different things in Minecraft:Education Edition recently, including recording a ‘how to get started’ webinar that will go to air shortly. I’ve also been exploring coding examples using the MakeCode.com Code Connection companion application and Richard from the MakeCode team has helped me out with a fantastic example of coding a…