Best Practice For Schools When Creating Microsoft Teams For Education

Almost a year ago I posted some thoughts on SharePoint Design and Office365 layout and I mentioned then that it was one of the most common questions I was asked in my engagements with schools. Now, I’m more likely to be asked: “how should I set up my Microsoft Teams? Should it be one big Team…


Cloud Attachments In OneNote – Game Changer For Educators

Recording courtesy of Crispin Lockwood – Learning Delivery Specialist OneNote remains one of the best tools in the classroom and, when used in combination with MS Teams for Education, it can be a real game changer. In late October a blog post referred to new “Cloud Attachments” for OneNote and I’ve been waiting to see…


Updated Documentation For M365 Education

I have done a lot of live demos over the last couple of months to customers, partners, school leaders and IT admins. I have found that one of the best ways to prepare for these is to ensure I’m following best practice direct from the source. In my case this is the official Microsoft Education documentation….


Retention Policies In Office365

I’ve been having a few conversations recently with both partners and school leaders about what to do with accounts after staff leave. I’ve learnt that some immediately delete them (often resulting in lost data that is subsequently deemed useful), while others have a series of manual processes or scripts to suspend the user and then…


SharePoint Migration Tool Preview Available – Move Those Network Shares To The Cloud!

It seems that every week I am having conversations with more schools that are wanting to explore how they can reduce their on-premise servers and leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud more effectively. These conversations usually follow a similar narrative, identifying the “low hanging fruit” – in other words, which servers/services are easiest…


Nayland College Case Study: $150,000 Savings Moving To Microsoft Cloud Platforms

This blog is re-posted content from the original Microsoft Case Study that you can read by clicking here. Nayland College was using Google Apps for Education to reduce the need for on-premises servers and software, but the solution was not meeting its needs. So the school chose to migrate to Microsoft Office 365. The new…


Azure AD B2B – Simplifying Collaboration With Users Outside Your Organisation

Collaboration is a buzz word that is hard to avoid in virtually every sphere of life these days, whether that is education, work environments and right through to team building exercises. This week I learnt about Azure AD B2B a new feature in Azure Active Directory that went into general availability in April 2017. This feature…


Are You Migrating To OneDrive For Business Or Not?

I read an interesting blog post this morning entitled “No You Should Not Be Migrating to OneDrive for Business” and I encourage you to check it out, including the excellent infographic at the bottom of the article that helps understand what a potential migration might look like. Whilst the title of the post is certainly…


SharePoint Online introduces the Touch Design mobile experience

We are so excited to announce that the new SharePoint now allows for more innovative interactions with SharePoint sites and content on mobile devices: contemporary views, device channels, and new native apps (SkyDrive Pro apps and SharePoint Newsfeed apps). Mark Kashman, a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team this week blogged about how, “From…