10 Ways To Enroll Windows 10 Into Intune

Sometimes, a picture tells a thousand words. In this case, the above graphic illustrates ten different ways to enroll a Windows 10 device into Intune, Microsoft’s Cloud MDM and it’s probably reasonably safe to assume there could be 100 words to describe each of the ten methods, so 1000 words seems about right for the…


iOS Support Lands In Intune For Education

Intune for Education is a school focused MDM (Mobile Device Management) tool that makes the set up, deployment and management of Windows 10 devices incredibly easy for schools and their IT partners. I’ve probably completed a few hundred demos of it we featured it in our Trial in a Box programme in May and June…


Why Did The Titanic Sink? Explaining With OneNote & Digital Ink

I do a lot of demonstrations to schools and educational IT partners and one thing I commonly get asked is “can you explain why Digital Inking is so valuable?” Consequently, I decided to create the above video showing how visual ideation looks when using Microsoft OneNote and Digital Inking on my Surface Book and compared…


Updated Documentation For M365 Education

I have done a lot of live demos over the last couple of months to customers, partners, school leaders and IT admins. I have found that one of the best ways to prepare for these is to ensure I’m following best practice direct from the source. In my case this is the official Microsoft Education documentation….


Get Trained & Certified In Microsoft Teams

I have completed a number of courses via edX, an online training platform originally founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012. The model of learning is easy, flexible and self-paced and best of all, the courses are generally all free. That said, if you wish to certify your knowledge and training you can pay for…


Microsoft Surface – Teacher Feedback

Technology is changing the way education professionals teach. It frees them from their desks and gives them new ways to engage students, energize the classroom, improve the learning experience and deliver results. In the above video, see how teachers from Kerikeri High School and Nelson College use the versatility and intuitiveness of Surface devices and…


Education Ideas To Support Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018 is fast approaching on May 17th and will the be the seventh year this day is celebrated. The focus is on an audience encouraging the design of technology (both software and hardware) that will be more accessible to every end user, including those with disabilities. To support this day, Microsoft…


Office365 Groups Going Private By Default

For some readers, this will be an obscure ‘technical post’ on something that they never have to worry about in the course of their work. For those who read this and have Office365 administrative responsibilities then they may well exclaim “at last!” and rejoice over their morning coffee! The ability to set Office365 groups created…


Cloud Mobile Device Management Delivers For Schools & Partners

Through the use of cloud-first technologies and modern deployment methodologies Cyclone have supported Christchurch Girls’ High School through a significant device upgrade to Windows 10 over the Christmas 2017 break. This was achieved through using the full suite of services included in the Microsoft Schools Agreement with the Ministry of Education and driven greater efficiencies…


OneNote On Windows 10 – The One App For The Future

In December last year I wrote a blog entitled “The Future of OneNote in Education” where Mike Tholfsen walked through a lot of the features around accessibility being built into the OneNote Windows 10 app. This week, a new blog post has been written signposting the future of OneNote on Windows 10 more generally and…