Minecraft:Education Edition Arrives In The Cloud – AzureVM Available Now

I’ve been blogging here about Minecraft:Education Edition for a while now, and one of the most requested features I hear from educators and students alike is for a cloud hosted version. At MS Build 2019 the Minecraft:EE team announced this is now possible through an Azure VM: Today at #MSBuild, we announced that an official Minecraft:…


Minecraft:Education Edition Training

The Minecraft: Education Edition team will be hosting an exclusive, private training for teachers. REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE During this one-day training, you will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game, take with you opportunities to apply it in your classroom, and ideas to support other teachers in your school….


MakeCode.com – Fun With Minecraft:Education Edition

I’ve been doing a fair amount of different things in Minecraft:Education Edition recently, including recording a ‘how to get started’ webinar that will go to air shortly. I’ve also been exploring coding examples using the MakeCode.com Code Connection companion application and Richard from the MakeCode team has helped me out with a fantastic example of coding a…


Real Stories Of Teaching With Minecraft:EE

Last week I shared a blog post from the Microsoft Australia Education Team about the difference accessibility to devices makes for learners and this week I see they’ve shared an excellent webinar showcasing the work of four teachers from New South Wales. As always, I refer you to the original blog post to read in detail:…


Minecraft: Education Edition Roadshow Across New Zealand

Join the Microsoft Education Team for a presentation on how you can incorporate Minecraft: EE into your classroom. Hear from the Microsoft Learning Consultants and Expert Educators on all things Microsoft in Education with a specific focus on how Minecraft: EE can support Computational Thinking for Digital Technologies and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes. Methven:…


Deploy & Code In Minecraft

Minecraft has become something of a global phenomenon, engaging users of all ages both in and out of the education sector. The official Minecraft site lists sales figures of the original Java edition exceeding 27 million, and this won’t include Minecraft on other platforms or the Education Edition released earlier this year that adds some unique…


Aotearoa Awaits – Māori In Minecraft

The following Minecraft content has been posted with the permission of it’s creator Lt_Peanut. It seems almost every day I’m having conversations with schools or education partners about Minecraft and how this can be creatively used to teach students across a wide range of curriculum areas. Today I was super excited when my colleague pointed out…


Intune For Education Announced at BETT

This week Microsoft has released some major announcements at the annual BETT Show in London. You can read the full announcements on the official blog here, however the one that caught my attention the most was Intune For Education: For me, this is a key solution for schools to consider to simplify the management of Windows…


Surface at St Andrew's College in Christchurch, New Zealand

  We are excited to share with you some of the incredible teaching and learning that is happening at St Andrew's College in Christchurch, New Zealand with Surface. Check the video out below or at aka.ms/STACsurface    Director of ICT, Sam McNeill piloted the Surface Pro 3 at its launch, with the number of teachers using Surface…


Minecraft meets Hour of Code

We are excited to announce a Minecraft tutorial is now available for this year's Hour of Code, delivered by Code.org. This is a great opportunity to get students of any age involved in coding, using gamification to ensure that it is fun and interesting!  Designers and developers from Mojang and Microsoft teamed up with Code.org to create a…