Minecraft meets Hour of Code

We are excited to announce a Minecraft tutorial is now available for this year's Hour of Code, delivered by Code.org. This is a great opportunity to get students of any age involved in coding, using gamification to ensure that it is fun and interesting!  Designers and developers from Mojang and Microsoft teamed up with Code.org to create a…


Top teacher-requested features added to OneNote Class Notebooks

This blog post has been taken from the Office Blogs post The OneNote team has some exciting announcements to share! As we mentioned on the Microsoft Education blog earlier this month, OneNote Class Notebooks and OneNote Staff Notebooks are now available for Office 365 customers (teachers and faculty) around the world. We’ve seen OneNote Class…


8 top Microsoft resources for teachers

"At Microsoft, we create products with teachers in mind and they tell us that products like OneNote, Sway, Minecraft and Skype help them bring new creativity and engagement to the classroom. We are inspired by what’s possible when teachers meet students where they’re at, help them to learn at their own pace, and then propel…


The Power of Digital Pen & Surface in Schools – Inking Your Thinking Case Study

This post has been re-blogged from the Australian Teachers Blog Tablet PCs and the use of digital pen enabled devices in schools is nothing new however, with more and more research about the impact of the “power of the pen” on learning, teachers, student and school leaders are increasingly looking to how student devices can…


"Power Up Your Pedagogy With Office 365"

Using Technology Better is holding a unique 1 day event at the Microsoft Offices in Auckland! This day will showcase how Office 365 and Microsoft supports the latest research on intrinsic motivation with students. You will learn some great skills and leave with ideas for how you can use these tools in your classroom and school….


New additions to Office Mix!

[View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLR031KMda0#t=18:0:0] Office Mix is a wonderful educational tool for making traditional PowerPoint presentations more fun and engaging! With Office Mix you can: Add voice, video and digital ink to your slides Include polls, quizzes and interactive apps Gain insights and analytics into who is viewing your lessons, and for how long Enable students to playback the lesson…


Simplify marking and assessment with OneNote – a case study of St Andrew's College, New Zealand

[View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHeYaTu3ggA:0:0] This blog post has been adapted from "Technology enables efficiency in English marking" by Sam McNeill, Director of ICT at St Andrew's College, New Zealand. The above video shows how English teacher, Ms Helaina Coote, uses OneNote to mark English portfolio work and give feedback. Ms Coote is the English Head of Department at St Andrew's…


Enhance the classroom experience with the Surface Pro 3

Today we are placing the spotlight on the amazing Surface Pro 3. This device is perfect for the education context – portable, fast, interactive, long battery life, powerful. Teachers can use the Surface Pen to make notes on assignments, take notes in their own handwriting, give students feedback and draw diagrams in front of the…


Create fun, interactive classroom projects with Minecraft

Minecraft is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools in the classroom, as it is fun and engaging for students of all ages. Minecraft provides a great platform to encourage creativity, computing skills, and collaboration with their classmates.  Using Minecraft, students will learn to: Collaborate and communicate with their peers Self-direct their learning in…


Using Microsoft technologies for Special Education

Students often have particular learning needs that are difficult to manage in a classroom setting. Every child has a different learning style, and it can be challenging for teachers to support each of their students' individual needs. This is especially important in Special Education, where a teacher may have to accommodate many different learning disabilities…