Teaching Maths With Microsoft HoloLens

I’ve blogged previously about Subash Chandar K exploring the possibilities of Microsoft HoloLens with his maths students and now there is a great video above capturing the enthusiasm of his students. After the experience, one of Subash’s students commented: “We are a generation that learns through examples and visualisation, not explanation and reading, and HoloLens is supportive…


Real Stories Of Teaching With Minecraft:EE

Last week I shared a blog post from the Microsoft Australia Education Team about the difference accessibility to devices makes for learners and this week I see they’ve shared an excellent webinar showcasing the work of four teachers from New South Wales. As always, I refer you to the original blog post to read in detail:…


Solving Rooming & Timetabling Problems With Azure IoT

If you have worked in schools for long enough, you will know there is always a premium placed on being as efficient and smart as possible with available room space. Often, it’s the Head of Mathematics who is tasked with the annual challenge of assigning the enormous number of permutations around organizing all of classes…


Guest Post: Cultivate Collaborative Learning With OneNote

This post originally appeared in the Interface Magazine, April 2017 edition and has been republished with permission. You can see the online edition by clicking here. Spade … check. Seeds … check. Compost … check. Watering can … check. OneNote … er … um … what? Three teachers and a group of Year 10 students at…


Guest Post: Surprises when using Office 365 in class

Today’s post comes from Mr Ben Hilliam, Head of Junior Maths at St Andrew’s College in Christchurch, New Zealand. In this post he outlines how he is teaching basic programming concepts using Microsoft Excel and also the increasing versatility of Microsoft OneNote through the use of embedded applets that can show and execute Python coding….


Recording Self-Paced Lessons in OneNote

OneNote is one of the most popular tools being used in education today and a major reason for this is because of how intuitive it is to create content. Most teachers and students are familiar with Microsoft Word and it is this familiarity and simplicity that attracts them to OneNote. Having a rich desktop interface to easily drag…