Federated Authentication Links Apple School Manager With AzureAD

As I have blogged about many times before, identity is key to setting up a school successfully to enable seamless single sign on (SSO) into the wide variety of digital tools used in the modern classroom. This morning the awesome David Colville (who largely authored this five part series on managing iPads with Intune) tipped me off to a new…

Adventures With Microsoft AutoPilot On Education Shared Devices (Part 1)

In my job I chat a lot with both school leaders and IT admins about how they can simplify the management of their devices, making it faster and easier for their end users (usually students, teachers and admin staff) to get started and complete the work they need to do on a device. Unlike many…


Updated Documentation For M365 Education

I have done a lot of live demos over the last couple of months to customers, partners, school leaders and IT admins. I have found that one of the best ways to prepare for these is to ensure I’m following best practice direct from the source. In my case this is the official Microsoft Education documentation….