Top Five Education Blog Posts Of 2018

Around this time last year, I published the top five education blog posts I made on this site which provided an easy way for readers to get insights into what was trending in education over the year. With 2018 almost completed, I thought I would do the same. ONE: Explore Microsoft’s Redmond Campus In Minecraft:…


Podcast: #EduTechTalks #1 – Managing Your School’s Devices

For a while now, my good friend and colleague Amit Pawar and I have been talking about launching a podcast to talk about the crossover of technology and education. After a bit of back and forth, we have finally made it happen (with a lot of help from Liezl Milan!) In this first episode, we…


Coding Competition Coming To Minecraft: Education Edition

Computer Science Education Week is less than a month away and this year Microsoft will be getting in on the action by running a coding competition for students using Minecraft: Education Edition and the Code Connection capabilities inside of this hugely popular game based learning platform. Partnering with EmpireCode, students will get access to guides and…


Cloud Attachments In OneNote – Game Changer For Educators

Recording courtesy of Crispin Lockwood – Learning Delivery Specialist OneNote remains one of the best tools in the classroom and, when used in combination with MS Teams for Education, it can be a real game changer. In late October a blog post referred to new “Cloud Attachments” for OneNote and I’ve been waiting to see…


Explore Microsoft’s Redmond Campus In Minecraft:Education Edition

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the massive Microsoft Redmond Campus but never had a chance (or permission!) can you now do this via Minecraft:Education Edition with a world provided by Microsoft Facilities (note: there is no support associated in anyway with this world). Download Minecraft;EE Redmond Campus World here According to Wikipedia, It is…


Cultivating a stable learning environment on a resilient cloud

Giving students a firm foundation across key disciplines ranging from the arts to science and technology has always been one of the key goals of Freyberg Community School. These goals rest on designing a conducive and well-structured environment which leverages technology as an enabler. Intermittent disruption to lessons The promise of anywhere, anytime learning hinges…


Trial In A Box Is BACK!

Back by popular demand…. In May/June 2018 Microsoft’s NZ Education Team ran the “Trial in a Box” – a two hour live demo in schools across New Zealand, from as far south as Invercargill all the way up to beautiful Northland (and virtually everywhere in between!). Unfortunately, some schools missed out due to the high…


Minecraft:Education Edition Training

The Minecraft: Education Edition team will be hosting an exclusive, private training for teachers. REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE During this one-day training, you will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game, take with you opportunities to apply it in your classroom, and ideas to support other teachers in your school….


Teaching Girls A.I. On 125th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage In New Zealand

For a small country at the bottom of the world, New Zealand has been a world leader and a world beater in many different areas. This week, we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of 19th September 1893 when the Electoral Act 1893 was passed, giving all women in New Zealand the right to vote.  As a…


10 Ways To Enroll Windows 10 Into Intune

Sometimes, a picture tells a thousand words. In this case, the above graphic illustrates ten different ways to enroll a Windows 10 device into Intune, Microsoft’s Cloud MDM and it’s probably reasonably safe to assume there could be 100 words to describe each of the ten methods, so 1000 words seems about right for the…