Guest Posts: Modern Methodologies For Classroom IT Management

I am going to link back to a series of five upcoming blog posts from Microsoft Education that are aimed at helping school ICT administrators manage and secure their environments more effectively. The five blog topics are as follows:


Using the cloud is a great way to protect school data

The first blog post has a number of great links within it, including information about cyber security risks faced in schools:

As each of the posts are published I will update the links at the top of this post to provide a central point to access them.

Comments (2)

  1. Shane Dunn says:

    Thanks for putting this together Sam. Do you know when the remaining blog posts are going to be linked?

    1. Sam McNeill says:

      Kia ora Shane,
      no problems and glad it’s been useful.
      I’ve updated with two more links – the final two posts have not actually been released by MSFT Edu yet.
      If you’re interested specifically in deployment then these two may also help:


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