Windows 10 S Has Arrived With Launch of Surface Laptop

The Windows 10 official blog has posted a new overview this morning of Windows 10 S and has placed a strong emphasis on how this will help students across all ages, from primary through secondary schools and into university years as well. Here is a summary video showcasing some of the best features of Windows 10 S:

The exciting thing is that more and more third party devices will launch running Windows 10 S in the coming months, it will not be restricted to first party Microsoft Surface devices. Similarly, whilst popular apps like Instagram and Facebook are already in the Windows Store, others like Intune and Spotify will be coming very soon.

The key thing for users to be aware of is that on Windows 10 S you can only install applications from the Windows Store - you can not find other apps on the internet and install them as you can on other versions of Windows 10 such as Home, Pro or Education.

I encourage you to read the entire blog post from the Windows 10 Blog where it highlights in more detail six key things you need to know about Windows 10 S. I'll summarize them below, but check the blog above for the detailed version:

  1. Windows 10 S is designed for superior performance
  2. Browse the web with Microsoft Edge - a faster, more secure browser
  3. Microsoft verified security
  4. Download the apps you want right from the Windows Store
  5. Office365 and Windows 10 S are better together
  6. Built-in Windows experiences to keep you productive and inspire creativity

Expect to hear a lot more about Windows 10 S as new devices launch with it as the default operating system.

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