Digital Citizenship Toolkit For Educators

For schools and educators that are struggling to figure out where to start when it comes to teaching Digital Citizenship to students, this is a great place to look: Microsoft Digital Citizenship Toolkit For Educators This links to a free OneNote full of rich resources to get started covering important topics such as: How do…


Guest Post: Surprises when using Office 365 in class

Today’s post comes from Mr Ben Hilliam, Head of Junior Maths at St Andrew’s College in Christchurch, New Zealand. In this post he outlines how he is teaching basic programming concepts using Microsoft Excel and also the increasing versatility of Microsoft OneNote through the use of embedded applets that can show and execute Python coding….


Easier Office365 License Management Coming to Azure AD

One of the challenges that schools can sometimes face is bulk assigning / revoking licenses in Office365 as this often requires some PowerShell skills to do this easily. In schools, this is most commonly needed in situations where students are arriving/leaving at the start/end of school years and the same for the arrival/departure of staff….


Editing With Natural Hand Gestures & Digital Inking

Over the last couple of years I have had innumerable conversations with teachers who love the power of OneNote for editing student work quickly and easily, especially when combining the digital inking experience on a tablet such as a Surface Pro. Perhaps the best example of this was the recorded conversation I had with the…


Professional Learning Communities Groups in Office365

Back in mid-2016 Microsoft released PLC Groups for Office365 and I have to admit, I completely missed this feature release. You can read the full announcement on the official Office365 blog post here. I guess I’m pretty excited about this for a few reasons, primarily because it links into the professional development model that is…


HoloLens – Seeing IS Believing

I’m in Seattle this week for the Microsoft S4 Conference and am enjoying seeing the truly global perspective of Microsoft as a company. Virtually all of the sessions I’ve attended are covered by the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) I’ve signed as an employee so I can’t discuss anything from those unfortunately, but yesterday I did have some great…


Tools To Support Deployment of Windows 10 and Secure Assessment

From my experience working in schools over the last decade, there are two common challenges faced by teachers and support staff: Quickly configuring and deploying school computers Securely managing online assessment with devices Schools are constantly looking for new ways to streamline the setup and deployment of computers in their environment and there is a…