Announcing a fantastic OneNote resource for students, teachers and administrators

The OneNote team at Microsoft have just launched!

Due to the positive feedback from teachers using, we've released a similar site for students and administrators too! Now when you go to OneNoteinEducation you will be able to access interactive training guides, tips and tricks and additional resources designed specifically for students, teachers or school administration.


The training videos are 5-7 minute interactive guides to help you get the most out of OneNote, no matter whether you are a student, teacher or school administrator. With this helpful resource, you'll be a OneNote expert in an hour!


With more and more classrooms incorporating OneNote into their learning process, it has become clear that students and administrators need their own resources. Teachers can still access the 'Teachers' tab with the URL, and now students and admin can have their own space too!

We hope you will share this resource to your students and colleagues so that they can start benefiting from OneNote in the classroom!

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    Really an informative post. Wish to read more of your post.

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