Introducing Office Mix: Online lessons made simple.

We are very excited to bring to you Office Mix, helping you to make online lessons simple!

Turn your PowerPoint presentation into an interactive online lesson. We call this a mix. Everything you need to create and share your mix is included. Add audio and video of yourself giving your presentation, write on slides as you talk to them, insert quizzes, practice exercises, and more – all from within PowerPoint. It’s like a screencast, but better. All you need is Office 2013 and the free Office Mix add-in!

Here's just a snapshot of the awesome things you can do in Office Mix:

  • Record audio or video of yourself giving a lecture. Write and draw directly in PowerPoint, just like you would on the whiteboard.
  • Work in PowerPoint - Creating a mix is as simple as making a PowerPoint document. Just install our PowerPoint add-in, and then create lessons from your existing PowerPoint presentations or new ones.
  • Save Time - Everything you need to create a mix is included in the PowerPoint add-in, so you don’t have to jump between several apps.
Comments (3)

  1. Cath says:

    I was excited when i learned about the software but a bit dismal when i learned that one can only download it on Windows 2013.

  2. says:

    That’s really a good news to read about and also to think about. I am very excited and definitely going to use this app. soon. Thanks for taking your precious time for sharing this pretty great post here.

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