Partners in Learning is now the Microsoft Educator Network – and much more!

We are pleased to announce that the Partners in Learning Network has undergone somewhat of a makeover and is now the Microsoft Educator Network! We'd just like to highlight some of the great new features of the Microsoft Educator Network that will make your experience as an educator even more valuable.

1. Professional Development Courses Landing Page. This is a new page on the site designed to present our seminars and courses in context to each other so that you, as an educator, can determine which courses you want to explore in more depth.

2. New features in Professional Development

  • My Learning Page: The new My Learning page associated with each course keeps track of your course status (what’s been taken, what’s left to be taken, a link to the transcript of what’s been taken and the button to generate the course certificate if you have completed the course). In the case below, you are seeing the course status for someone who completed the Teaching with Technology self-assessment and has a personalized learning path.

  • Certificate generator: When you have fully completed a course, a button will appear on the page enabling you to generate a PDF certificate that you can download and print. 

 3. Upgrades to Teaching with Technology

  • Microsoft Certified Exam: If you are interested in taking the MCE, this page tells you how you can get vouchers. In addition, you can download the TWT Study Guide.

4. New seminar: Windows 8 in the Classroom

  • Windows 8 in the Classroom takes all the Windows 8 videos and puts them in one place and enables you to earn a badge for watching them.


5. New badge for 21stCentury Learning Design

  • You can now earn a 21st Century Learning Design badge. Like any course, if you have taken a course in person, please send us your list and we will badge them. Soon, you will be able to take 21st Century Learning Design courses on the Educator Network and earn a badge and certificate just like the other courses!

There are still more exciting features to come! For now, take a look around the Microsoft Educator Network website, sign up if you haven't already, and spread the word!

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  1. Frank Wilson says:

    The Microsoft Educator Network is changing and revolutionizing the way of learning and education.It providing students easy and interactive way of fun learning environment.“>Do my Coursework for me

  2. hayamtah says:


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