Greetings from the Global Education Forum!

The Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014 kicked off to an amazing start with over 1100 educators, school leaders and government officials from nearly 100 countries coming together in Barcelona to celebrate innovation in education and work together to transform education for the 21st century. The event has grown to be one of the most important events on the Microsoft, and education industry calendar – and each year it continues to break new ground to push learning forward, share best practices and make vital connections within this important community.
This year, the Forum provided an opportunity for more influencers, school leaders and educators to participate in this exciting event, including; 150 Government Education Leaders, 260 Educators, representing our Expert Educator program, 300 School Leaders from the most innovative schools around the globe, 30+ Global Media and 50+ Partner sponsors.

Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Education for Microsoft.

Highlights so far;

  • 260 Microsoft Expert Educators started their individual project competition with their Surface devices, judged by over 100 worldwide education thought leaders. Award winners will be announced at the Gala today.
  • 80 Microsoft Mentor Schools and 34 World Showcase Schools initiated an inspiring week of collaboration, leadership and learning.
  • Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Sonia Recasens, officially opened the event on Tuesday 11th March during the welcome reception. Attendees had the opportunity  to discover new technologies and immersive learning scenarios through the Tech Showcase where partner sponsors provided hand on experience and demo’s of the latest technology.
  • On Wednesday 12th, the opening Keynote brought together all 1100 attendees and a number of special guests to provide an insightful start to the week ahead.
    • Eve Psalti, Global Director, Education Audience, introduced the keynote and framed the session about “be the change that you want to see in the world”;
    • Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman Microsoft Europe, focused on the need for technology skills in a global world;
    • Xavier Prats Monne, Deputy-Director General for Education of the European Commission, who will be appointed Director General on July 1. to manage a 9,4 billion €€ budget aimed at transforming education across 28 countries;
    • Montserrat Gomendio, Secretary of State for Education, Training and Universities, Spain, announced the creation of two new platforms. (1) an open platform content with Creative Commons to provide a network between regional governments, involving teachers, families and students will share experiences and inspiration in education, (2) a digital book platform, which will facilitate the acquisition of books at significantly lower price to help families in crisis;
    • Anthony Salcito delivered the main keynote focused on Microsoft’s commitment to education, a view on the future of learning, and provided some home truths of what we all need to be thoughtful about when thinking about transforming education with technology. The keynote also included a demo of latest apps, Microsoft and partner solutions.


New Zealand's very own Expert Educators, Theresa Bosch of Baradene College and Steve Martin of Howick College.

 Beautiful Barcelona!

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