Partners in Learning School Research Live on PILN!

We are very pleased to announce that Partners in Learning School Research (PILSR) is now available on the Partners in Learning Network.

PILSR provides individual schools with an online research tool to measure their own innovative teaching practices that develop the skills students need for life and work today. Based on globally-recognized research, the PILSR research tool is international in scope, enables school-specific measurement of innovative teaching, and provides a common language to drive community dialogue and systemic change – all at no cost to schools.

So what is it? It's a free, online survey sent out by a school administrator to school leaders and teachers to gain their individual self-assessment on the current state of innovative teaching practices in their school and their own class. Everyone is encouraged to participate (it only takes ten minutes), and all responses are anonymous and confidential.

 Once your surveys have been taken, your school receives a data-driven, action-oriented report with concrete recommendations for how your school can develop and expand its innovative teaching and learning. The surveys can be used to measure progress by establishing a baseline of your school's current teaching practices using the initial survey results, and then conducting subsequent research every year thereafter to assess how those practices have evolved.

Find out more and get started here!

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