Virtual University Webcast – Understanding the Learning Strategies of the 21st Century Learner October 23 2013

On October 23rd, 2013, Microsoft Partners in Learning is presenting a virtual University webcast on understanding the learning strategies of the 21st century learner. You can register here, right now!

Join this great dialogue on the 5 best strategies every 21st century learner needs to succeed in school and in the workplace. Why a capacity to learn is more important than knowing. Topics covered will be:

  • How to remove the roadblocks to learning
  • 3 Steps to understanding everything you read
  • Best Study Skills for 21st century learners
  • Technology strategies that enhance learning

During the webinar, three Amazing Grades books will be given away to the first three attendees asking questions. Amazing Grades is a worldwide goodwill book with 101 authors from 13 countries around the world and includes a special bonus chapter by Nasha Fitter, Worldwide Lead of Education for Microsoft.

Learn about the presenters:

Pat Wyman is a College Professor, founder and CEO of and best-selling author of Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster and Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time.

Bonnie Terry, best-selling author of School Strategies for ADHD Kids, Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills, and Ten Minutes To Better Study Skills and one of the co-authors of Amazing Grades is with us today. She is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and internationally recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist and the founder of

Susan Kruger, M.Ed. is the founder of and best-selling author of SOAR® Study Skills: A Simple & Efficient System for Getting Better Grades in Less Time. She will be speaking on the best study skills for 21st century learners.

Don’t forget to register here!

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