Tutorial: Adding resources to your OneNote notebook


Microsoft Partners in Learning is a $500 million global initiative working with schools and educators to improve teaching and learning practices; optimize the use of technology within pedagogy to improve learning outcomes; and help every student receive an excellent education and gain the skills they need in work and life. As a member, you get access to free tutorials and other fantastic resources to help you and your school create and enhance lessons that elicit 21st Century Skills in students.

This is one of the helpful tutorials hot on the Partners in Learning website right now. If you don't already know, OneNote is a digital notebook that lets you store all your valuable class or project knowledge in one place. Whether your information is text, pictures, or in a paper folder, it can be digitized, organized, and easily accessed from OneNote. You are productive because everything you need on a subject is at your fingertips. You will be able to build learning connections with other teachers and your students for the ultimate school experience.

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