Bill Gates pitches in for online education resource Graphite

We are excited to announce that Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates, is backing a new initiative called Graphite, a free online resource to help teachers discover and share education technology!

Gates has always publicised his belief that investing in education and digital tools could help solve the world's education crisis.

"What's surprising is given how the Internet has changed how we buy airline tickets and books and how we look up things, is that formal education hasn't changed hardly at all," Gates said in an interview with CNET in 2010. "The technology sector deserves its blame -- it could be doing more here. But now is the time."

"Graphite will make it easier for educators to find the tools they want and empower them do their best work," Gates said in a statement. "It's a great example of how we can support teachers who want to incorporate education technology in their classroom to help every student excel."

The idea behind Graphite is to provide educators with free online resources to better teach in their classrooms.

Want to find out more? Read the full article here! Tweet us your thoughts - @MSNZEducation - we are interested to hear!

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