Which Windows 8 PC is right for your school? Looking at the Surface Pro

The future of educational technology is “Bring Your Own Device”, (BYOD), and we are seeing more and more schools moving away from providing devices for students every day.   

BYOD has allowed for there to be a one-to-one ratio of students with a diverse range of technological devices. Here are just a few of the benefits students gain from bringing their own devices to class:

  • Student engagement and motivation is increased
  • Cost savings for schools
  • Students are able to access their studies, assignment and test material anytime, anywhere
  • Problem solving, creativity and many more 21st Century skills are fostered and developed
  • The ability to collaborate, communicate work, information and ideas between students and teachers
  • Allowing a diverse range of mediums for students to produce and present information

Check out this video. The UK Microsoft education team demonstrate one possible device students and teachers can consider: the Surface Pro. Soon to be available in New Zealand (before the end of May!), we give you a sneak peek into the clever technological benefits the Surface Pro brings to the classroom.


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