Windows in the Classroom Tip #5 – The power of Windows To Go for schools

Windows To Go is one of the excellent new features of Windows 8 in education. As a teacher, regularly preparing class material both at school and at home can be hard to manage. File transferring and saving various versions of the same document isn’t always easy and we end up with the wrong and unsaved versions. Windows To Go provides educators with an easy solution - an imaged version of Windows 8 that reflects your school desktop. It is a self-contained, portable operating system that runs solely on a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

When started, the PC will boot from the USB device to a managed school desktop, which can even be password protected. Added to this, at their own discretion, teachers are given the freedom to choose which applications and security settings are set to that particular desktop.

Windows To Go allows teachers to fully benefit from bringing their own PC to school if a balance of their personal and professional lives is desired. It also enables the flexibility of file sharing with colleagues and students if a teacher is unable to attend a presentation or meeting. 

Check out this great 2 minute overview of Windows to Go and how it can be used in schools.


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