Partners in Learning offers free tools for educators – sign up now!


Microsoft is committed to improving educational outcomes – and that is why we want to welcome you to Partners in Learning. It’s free to educators and schools all over the world - and you can get started today.

Partners in Learning is a global support network with professional development training, community discussion, free software, step by step tutorials and tested lesson plans. A fantastic feature of Partners in Learning is The Learning Suite – a special selection of software, just for education. It gives you many of Microsoft’s most innovative applications and teacher resources in one simple download. It’s so easy!

Partners in Learning also offers many other free tools for educators that you can check out here. But we’ll give you a quick insight to the innovative, 21st Century learning tools you can use right now, for free.

Microsoft Photosynth is just one tool you can use for free, as a member of the Partners in Learning network. It uses interactive 3D technology to help students tell personal stories and explore places, events and activities. Students and teachers are now able to reconstruct a 3D experience from a flat photograph and gives both detailed synths and panorama experiences. It’s easy to use, lets you upgrade your teaching materials to include more visually stimulating content and helps students produce impressive results. Check out this video to get a better idea of the benefits that you could bring your students with Partners in Learning.


So, what are you waiting for? Start inspiring your students today with new ideas and tools. Enroll here.

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  1. Theresa Bosch says:

    Thaks for this. I will show it to our staff as a reminder of what Partners in learning offers them.

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