Windows in the Classroom Tip #3 – Co-authoring in Office Web Apps

Last week, we looked at the benefits that Lync can bring students and teachers in creating an online classroom, accessible anywhere and at any time. Today, we are going to give you an insight into the co-authoring features of Office 365 that allow students to analyse data, brainstorm ideas and work collaboratively with their peers, in real time, on the browser.

It is no secret that collaboration is critical when it comes to effective learning inside and outside the classroom. Now, the clever combination of SharePoint Online and Office 365 offers an innovation in document collaboration, whether that be through co-authoring a graph or designing a field trip plan.

Check out these examples of the Excel and Word Apps that are being used by two people at the same time to edit their work.

Students and teachers don’t even have to download and open the document, they can work together in real-time, editing the document in the browser. Web Apps will also work across a large variety of devices.

Like what you see? Take a look at this video here and see how easy co-authoring with Office is for yourself!


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