OneNote Windows Store app update available now!

Earlier this week the update to the OneNote app in the Windows Store was released – we are so excited! The update brings with it a few brand new features along with a couple of fixes too.

Want to get your hands on the download right now? It’s easy. Simply click the Store tile in Windows 8 and then click through to Updates. Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet installed the OneNote application, you can easily download it here.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll experience:

Improvements with Pen and Ink

An improved pen customisation for drawing and handwriting, coupled with the ability to now easily switch between customised pens, were both requested by our customers and are now easily doable in the new app. In order to assist you in getting started, there are now four default pens to choose between. Bring your stylus closer to the screen and the radial menu indicator will appear. Tapping this will open your radial menu and allow you to see all of the available pens. You then have the freedom to easily customize your choice by selecting the appropriate colour and thickness.

 Improved support for notebooks with Office 365

This week’s update has just made it even easier to access all of your notebooks on Office 365. The new OneNote app is a great way to keep you on top of all your personal and professional notes in just one convenient place.

Want to get started? Simply sign in with your Office 365 account.

The updated OneNote app will then use your details in order to make it easier to access all of your other notebooks. Simply tap More Notebooks and you’ll see a list of all the recent notebooks for every login you have used.

 We hope you enjoy all of the new and improved features of OneNote! Don’t forget to tell all of your friends, and keep providing all of the helpful feedback we have been getting.

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  1. laoma ma says:

    I been having too many problems opening onenote on my surface windows 8 need some help please

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