Office 365 – extending learning beyond the classroom

It is no secret that teachers can now become architects of the classroom experience with the endless possibilities of Office 365. In his recent blog post, Anthony Salcito, Vice President for Microsoft Education, highlighted the long list of benefits of Office 365 for Education. These benefits are certainly worth sharing. Below we have summarized Salcito’s thoughts and ideas, but you can find the original article here.

21st century learning is all about allowing students and teachers to access, collaborate and communicate knowledge in a safe and easy way. Not only do students need to communicate in the classroom, but with other educators and students alike, all over the world. But achieving this with a limited budget is a difficult reality for most schools.

Technology is quickly changing the way in which teaching and learning is happening in the classroom and Office 365 embraces this change and more. Here’s a taste of how the new Office 365 will improve teacher efficiency and the overall student experience:

  • A lesson on every screen. Your students have the flexibility to learn on their device of choice – whether that be a PC, smartphone or tablet – Office 365 for Education offers a fluid, fast and seamless experience. There is also the freedom to use Office 365 on non-Windows devices, allowing students to access and work on homework, study and assignments from anywhere.
  • Access Office when you want, where you want. Office 365 is a cloud-enabled service that stays with the student wherever they go. Students can sign in right where they left off, with their own custom settings and preferences.
  • Social networking, responsibly. The way in which we learn has been revolutionised by social networking, and Office 365 is designed to integrate the social into the classroom. The new Office 365 supports newsfeeds, blogging, video and Skype communication. Students are enabled to easily keep up to date with their peers, teachers and documents.
  • Digital control. It is extremely important to ensure safe and private use of software and devices in schools. Office 365 for Education includes improved data loss prevention, data retention, deployment and everyday management and control.

And the best part of the new Office 365 Education? It is free to most schools! Schools can simply sign up here. Take a look at our great plans and pricing for education. Get ready to engage and motivate your students, with the revolutionising innovations of the new Office 365.

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