“Learning is changing” – hear Anthony Salcito’s view on this

Anthony Salcito, Vice President for Microsoft Education, is mentioned regularly on this blog and it’s not hard to see why. He has an enormous passion for education globally, and is an education leader that is highly recognised and respected.

Last month, he travelled to Paris to give this compelling “TEDxPantheonSorbonne” talk. Throughout this talk, Salcito gave insight into the changing role of teachers, the internet, collaboration and information. He questioned the traditional classroom roles as a result of these changes, telling educators “Your students are learning without you”.

His talk prompts us to question how educators can embrace the ever-changing role of technology and how we can empower students to drive personal and meaningful outcomes as a result.

Take ten minutes to be captivated by Salcito’s thoughts, we certainly are!




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    A thought  provoking lecture / speech.

    Thanks for the sharing..

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