Optimising the Flipped Classroom with Office 365

The Flipped Classroom was pioneered by Jonathan Bergmann, Lead Technology Facilitator at Kenilworth School District, Illinois, USA. The Flipped Classroom revolves around the central idea of changing the dynamics of the classroom. In his own words, Bergmann believes in “changing the pedagogy with the aid of technology.” It seems as though teaching is turned on its head – the classroom lecture becomes homework, and classroom time is spent ‘practicing’.

But in Washington state, USA, numerous college professors are exploring the idea of flipping their classrooms, and with positive results. Students are more engaged in classroom activities and performing better in tests, assignments and exams.

So what role does Microsoft’s Office 365 play in this innovation? Check out this fantastic video to see how Lync Online can facilitate on the go class time through SharePoint, email, chat and online video conferencing. Office 365 creates a seamless platform for home communication between classmates, lectures, tutors and teachers.


Follow this link to watch Anthony Salcito, Vice President for Microsoft Education, conduct a fantastic interview with Jonathan Bergmann himself.

Finally, have a look at this interesting infographic provided by Knewton. It gives a great insight into exactly what a Flipped Classroom can look like and why there is so much hype surrounding it!

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