Find out what your students really think!

Last month, Microsoft launched Excel Surveys in SkyDrive. This survey feature of the Excel Web App in SharePoint Online is a great way to collect up-to-the-minute information in a classroom or lecture hall setting. Getting real time feedback from your students and staff can be a challenge. This is a great way to encourage students and staff to become actively engaged in the learning process at the same time as providing valuable feedback.

For example, Excel Surveys enables data collection by numerous student groups to be easily shared between classmates and teachers. Accessibility is a key feature of the Excel Surveys, demonstrated by the ability to share data with the click of the mouse and the easy compatibility with laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Teachers are able to benefit from the real time feedback opportunity offered by the thoughts and opinions of students immediately after a lecture or class. The surveyor can then follow up by making use of the wide variety of Excel functions and learn more about the information collected.

Real time data collection and data accessibility is now so quick and easy, interactive activities in the classroom have never been so efficient!

Visit the WindowsBlog for the step-by-step process on how to create an Excel Survey today.

Take a quick look at the new Office365 Preview and see the benefits of this new Excel Web App in SharePoint Online for yourself.

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