Upgrade from Live@edu today!

The upgrade to Office 365 for education is happening! By September next year, all Live@edu customers will need to complete the upgrade to Office 365 for education

The Office 365 upgrade builds on your existing Live@edu deployment—mailboxes, calendars, and contacts do not move, and there is no need to re-provision accounts. Microsoft provides the tools and guidance at each stage—simply follow along by using the upgrade planning worksheet. Use it to estimate how much time you will need for the key tasks required before, during and after the upgrade.

  1. Download the Upgrade Planning Worksheet. This tool provides customised guidance to plan each phase of the upgrade. Start by selecting the scenarios that apply to your Live@edu configuration.
  2. Prepare for the upgrade. Review the outcome of the upgrade planning worksheet and visit the upgrade centre to better understand each step in the upgrade process
  3. Start the upgrade to Office 365.

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